Sunday, December 09, 2012

Verso Prologue Case Cover for Kindle Fire Product Review by ChristineMM

Verso Prologue Case Cover for Kindle Fire, Tan

My Star Rating: 3 stars out of 5 = It’s Okay

Summary Statement: Hard Case with Beautiful Design, Doesn’t Lay Flat, Doesn’t Prop Up

This VERSO PROLOGUE cover for Kindle Fire and “most 7 inch tablets” is made of “Italian fabric” that seems like a vinyl product to me. It is hand-distressed, textured, and tan so it looks like an antique leather case (but it is not leather). It is embossed with gold as some fancy leather bound books are made.

The best thing about this case is its classy elegant look.

My biggest complaint is that it does not lie flat when the cover is closed. The binding edge of the case is not thick enough to allow it to lie flat. The corners are at perhaps a 20 degree angle (without anything in the pocket) and it can catch on corners when moving it around, placing it in a tote bag or pocketbook. This then opens the case and puts the screen at risk to get scratched. If you want a case to keep the device closed firmly to protect it while moving it around, look for a different product to purchase.

There is a slim pocket on the left side of the cover. If you use this, the cover pops up even higher.

The inside of the cover is micro suede and it is soft so nothing scratches the screen.

The device attaches with four thin strips of strong elasticized cloth. I worried that it looked flimsy but it is a strong hold.

This case is not designed to stand up to read or view in a hands-free mode.

If all you want is a gorgeous looking case that looks like an antique book, you may be happy with this.

I rate these product 3 stars = It’s Okay because it does not lie flat when closed which puts the device at risk for getting scratched. Although it’s a lovely design, since it is not fully protective I can’t rate it higher than a 3.

What Are Your Needs?

When choosing a case for your Kindle FIRE what you need to do is figure out your needs then find a case that suits your desire. There are all kinds of cases for all different people. Do you want some padding (neoprene padding) or do you like a hard unpadded design? Do you want a case that simply opens (like a book) or one that has a fastener you have to manually move to close it securely? Do you want a case that protects from scratches only or one that will allow the device to stand up hands-free such as is convenient for watching movies and television shows? Do you want a case for travel and carrying around and want to use the device without it being in a case or do you want to use it with the case on?

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