Wednesday, December 12, 2012

First Girlfriend

As I said the other day this blog is supposed to be about me and my parenting and homeschooling journey, not just a report on my kid's lives or social lives.

But any telling of this parenting journey would be incomplete if I didn't say it happened: my older son is dating. I am not bragging. It's a new chapter, that's all. New things for me to ponder over and to worry about.

I can't recall if it was the spring or summer that my son said, after seeing how his friends' time is completely taken over by their girlfriends. He said, "I don't have time for a girlfriend. I'm busy doing things I want to do. I have no desire for a girlfriend."

Well, as of two weeks ago, it's official. It started with talking at sport practice. Then it was Homecoming as friends only. Then there were a few group get-togethers. Then last week, the first alone date.

Much to my son's horror, and as a condition to agreeing that he could go on this first date, my husband and I did a review of the birds and the bees and included a values talk about our family's views on respecting females, respecting boundaries, so forth and so on. With this son, it was something like a scene in a movie with the eye roll, the sighs, the smirk, the response that "I know all this already, geez". Then we ended by telling him if she's his girlfriend he has to pay for her movie ticket and any food or drink they eat together.

I need to keep things private so I shouldn't say more.

This is yet another new chapter in this journey of parenting.

I will say that it's weird to have a fifteen year old dating where Mom and Dad have to do the drop off and pick up's. I would by lying if I said I resent my Saturday nights having to revolve around being available for pick up time.

Also my son had better find a way to earn some money since Christmas is coming and you know that all good boyfriends must buy their girl a gift...

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Ahermitt said...

wow. I haven't hit this milestone yet... (that I know of with son in college). I think it is a good thing though, because it let's you see how he treats girls and you can help direct any issues that come up.