Friday, December 28, 2012

BUILT Twist Top Kindle Fire Case Product Review by ChristineMM

BUILT Twist Top Sleeve for Kindle Fire

Design: Several are sold, I reviewed Skeleton Army

BUILT makes a variety of different style cases, of which I own several different types, each has its pros and cons.

The "TWIST TOP SLEEVE" is a soft padded neoprene case which is lightweight. To make the top open you peel open the two corners (which I would describe as being similar to the action to the way you start to peel a banana). After sliding the Kindle FIRE into the case you twist the two corners up and then the entire top is closed, the unit cannot slide out of the top. There is no zipper, no velcro, or any other type of closure on this case.

The Twist Top is an improvement over a BUILT case I bought a year ago which is open at the top, so the eReader can technically slip out if turned upside down). I own another with a zipper which I'm fine with. A zipper vs. twist top is a personal preference thing.

The inside lining is a very soft almost plush polyester which protects the FIRE from being scratched.

The Skeleton Army design has an olive green background with gray skeletons and a lime green graphic. The inner lining is the same color lime green.

I rate this 5 stars = I Love It because it is fully functional and lives up to its marketing claims as well as being a fun graphic design.


What Are Your Personal Needs and Wants for a Case?

When choosing a case for your Kindle FIRE what you need to do is figure out your needs then find a case that suits your desire. There are all kinds of cases for all different people. Do you want some padding (neoprene padding) or do you like a hard unpadded design? Do you want a case that simply opens (like a book) or one that has a fastener you have to manually move to close it securely? Do you want a case that protects from scratches only or one that will allow the device to stand up hands-free such as is convenient for watching movies and television shows? Do you want a case for travel and carrying around and want to use the device without it being in a case or do you want to use it with the case on?

How you answer these questions will help you narrow down your choices. I hope my review helped you decide if this product matches your requirements.

Disclosure: I received one unit of this product from's Vine program for the purpose of reviewing it on the site. I was not paid to write the review or to blog it, nor was I under obligation to review it favorably.

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