Friday, May 11, 2012

Busy Selling My Connecticut House

Please excuse the atypical sporadic blogging. There is just too much going on here.

One good thing is that for the last two-plus weeks we have been dealing with things relating to selling our house. This is a after dealing in late March and early April with tasks related to getting a staging company caretaker tenant moved in.

Hopefully soon we will be in the stage that has the deal locked down. I am learning each state is different regarding buying houses and the timelines, the fastness or slowness, and the hoops are all different. And apparently after the real estate crisis, things were made even worse, with more steps and more requirements, so the whole process is more dragged out and an even bigger pain in the caboose.

I am overjoyed that the house is selling but it's not a done deal yet so I am still on pins and needles.

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Ofelia Bertrand said...

It seems that you are on the last stop of the house selling trip. Well, selling a property can be quite a task with all those talks, offers, and deals. But once the sale is done, and the deal is sealed, you can breathe a sigh of relief and gear up to move into your new home!

-Ofelia Bertrand