Thursday, April 12, 2012

TekNmotion Yapster Blaster Amplified Universal Headset for Xbox 360/PC Product Review

TekNmotion Yapster Blaster Amplified Universal Headset

 My Star Rating: 5 stars out of 5 = I Love It

My original intent was for our family to use with the xBox360 as a hopefully superior audio quality than the xBox360 headsets. My first obstacle to this was that it does not come equipped with an HDMI cable, you have to buy your own, so figure the $20 cost for that cable into the cost of using this product. But our problem was the built-in cabinet for our TV requires that the xBox360 is above the TV so when using this, the wire hangs down in front of the TV. Thus, it was a fail for *our family*. I can't fault the product for our problem, I'm explaining this so you can think about if a wired or wireless headset is best for you.

However using it with the PC and the laptop computer has been excellent for us. We use it to listen to music while using the PC or listening to lectures for homeschool lessons done online. We use it for Skype video chat via the PC and laptop.

We find the headset lightweight and of superior quality to the headset we'd been using for years. It is comfortable to wear in general and it's light weight adds to the comfort.

The cord is very long, intended for use with the xBox360. To use with the PC or laptop, we bundled the extra wire with a tie-wrap and the problem was solved.

Disclosure: I received one of this product from the Vine program for the purpose of reviewing it on I was under no obligation to blog it nor was I paid to blog it or to review it. See the link near the top of my blog’s sidebar for my blog’s full disclosure statement.

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