Monday, April 16, 2012

Kerstin Florian Neroli Cleansing Milk (Facial Cleanser) Product Review

When I moved from the northeast to hot and humid Texas in the middle of a hot summer, my skin went crazy. To boot, I've always had sensitive skin that reacted severely to many different facial cleansers, day lotions and sunscreens. My formerly dormant rosacea resurfaced. My skin turned oily, I was sweating a lot (thanks, Houston!) and was constantly breaking out.

I started buying new products and trying different things, and nothing improved, and some of the new products made my skin worse. I wasted a lot of money in that endeavor and my face was a wreck. In desperation I sought the advice of an esthetician. She recommended three Kerstin Florian products (I had never heard of this brand before), and this neroli cleaning milk was one of them. She said they were high quality products, and worth the money. Mind you, I have never paid this much for a skin cleanser (my former favorite was about $3 a tube) but I was desperate.

This is a very gentle yet effective facial cleanser. It is not overly-drying, it is so gentle. In the winter I didn't even need a facial moisturizer after using it. Now that the sun is stronger I am using a KF facial lotion with SPF.

I am seven-plus months into using the first bottle and there is still about 1/3 left. A little goes a long way.

The only odd thing about this product is that it does not foam up and it is not slippery and sudsy. It goes on "flat" feeling. It definately works but it may just not be what you are used to. Adjusting to that change was no big deal for me, especially since I know that the agents that are added to skin cleaners to help them create suds can be harsh on the skin, and I needed gentle.

It has a light scent that is derived from essential oils of neroli, from the flowers of the bitter orange tree.

My facial skin has calmed down, and I'm grateful for that.

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