Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Homeschoolers: Stop Bashing Teachers Please

There are some great school teachers in America.

I am grateful to the excellent teachers who have influenced and taught my children -- even though my kids have never been enrolled in a regular school they have had some classroom time with private tutors and been involved in other alternative learning enviornments that exposed them to teachers.

Now my oldest has a teacher as a FIRST Robotics coach, I am amazed by this man's influence and the fact that he does all that work virtually for no compensation! You see, some school teachers actually teach outside of their regular classroom, so they can teach homeschoolers too.

Homeschoolers, be careful of your language. Not every teacher is a bad one. Not every teacher is the devil as some accuse. Some homeschoolers who spread various poison and negativity actually create the illusion that all homeschoolers are nutjobs who are nasty and look down upon others, such as looking down upon teachers. The odd thing is some of those preachy high horse homeschoolers drive around with bumper stickers that tell everyone to live with tolerance and to accept diversity.

How about practicing what YOU preach?

How about trying to be open-minded as you say you want non-homeschoolers to be open-minded about your choice to homeschool?

Even if you are not a follower of Christ, living the Golden Rule is a good idea: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

A first step is to stop making broadly sweeping generalizations and to stop making blanket statements. Just stop that. If you can't speak in specifics, say nothing at all.

A second step is to speak as an authority only if you actually are an authority on a topic. Don't preach to me how to educate and raise my teens when yours are still in Kindergarten. You may be capable of teaching your child the Alphabet Song and how to sound out c-a-t but when it comes to higher level studies it is right and good to expose our homeschooled kids to some great teachers and mentors about things that we as parents don't know a lot about.

It's good for teens to feel motiviated and enthusiastic about things that other adults are passionate about which we just are not interested in. So, go ahead and enjoy your time with your young child, and later if you choose to have your child taught by a teacher, even still as a homeschooler or using alternative education methods, I promise I will not sit in judgment of you. So you can stop juding me, is that a deal?


Mary said...

I think sometimes parents confuse teachers with the "system." There is no doubt that the public school system as a whole, is broken. It doesn't work well. Teachers are stressed, overworked, underappreciated and sometimes underpaid. Students are stressed, over tested and micromanaged. Bureaucacy does this to them. To be sure, there are bad teachers, and when homeschoolers are talking about bad teachers, it is usually someone specific that they experienced.

I have friends that are teachers, who initially were not supportive of homeschooling, but like the robotics teacher you mentioned, they discovered there are a host of kids out there that want to learn. I also have homeschooling friends that are former teachers who don't have very many nice things to say about the system or the teachers they worked with. Finally, I have a very good friend who homeschools, but her husband is a public school teacher. He too, doesn't have nice things to say.

Everybody has experiences they base their opinions on. I am glad you have had good experiences to which you have nice things to say :) I have had both.

Tina Hollenbeck said...

Agreed that bashing teachers is not nice or necessary; there are a lot of men and women who are very dedicated to trying to educate the children in their care. The problem, though, is with the system...which is horribly dysfunctional and worthy of MUCH criticism. And the good teachers are actually hamstrung by the system. So...I often openly criticize the mess that is the public school system (and even question the efficacy of all institutionalized-style learning, whether public or private) and will continue to do so. But I also always point out that I'm not speaking of individual teachers who are doing their best despite that system.

Karen said...

I agree. It bothers me when posters on ANY topic have to bash "the other guys" in order to say 'YAY' me/us.

Here are a few of my posts where I celebrate teachers:





David said...

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