Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Read Aloud Day

Yesterday it was chilly in the house when we woke up and my eleven year old asked that I do a read aloud. This is the first request for that in at least eight months, probably longer. I declined and cracked the whip about getting the same old - same old homeschool lessons done.

Today shortly after starting homeschool lessons for the day we got a tornado warning. This was our first since moving to Texas. The kids helped me put away loose items on the deck. The tornado warning expired before any inclement weather hit. Then we got a severe thunderstorm warning, and the rains came pouring down and there indeed was a lot of booming thunder and lighting. It was so bad that we shut the computers off meaning online math lessons and other computer related learning ceased.

Again I was asked to read aloud. This time I obliged.

My eleven year old's eyes lit up and he asked for Story of the World "like we used to do all the time!".

My fourteen year old asked for short stories from a new book Steampunk! which I received an advance reading copy of from's Vine program.

I read from Steampunk! because our copy of SOTW is in a box somewhere in my garage, surrounded by other good homeschooling books and curriculum, waiting to move to a place with more bookcases.

I read aloud for a couple of hours, going much longer than I usually last. (The two stories I read aloud were dark and there was child abuse and murder and revenge. We have certainly come a long way from reading Goodnight Moon. I guess if you want to continue read alouds with boys who are teens and tweens the subject matter shifts over time!)

It was like old times with the three of us on the couch snuggled under a large blanket with cats on our laps. The only problem was the kids are so big now that I had knees and elbows poking into me since they were in various odd sitting positions, and I was squished in the middle since they both wanted me next to them.

While the rain downpoured and the thunder rolled, we sat next to the window with the blinds up and looked out at the gray scary day out there. We were comfortable and relaxed.

It was one of the best types of homeschooling moments. I needed one such moment!

P.S. Actually I left something out of the story. During the second read aloud my ninth grader asked to make homemade pudding from scratch while I kept reading. He has never done that before but I made it last week and he loved it. I told him where to find the recipe. So I read aloud while he made the pudding. By the time we were near the end of the second story the pudding had cooled and we enjoyed some while I kept reading. It was so delicious I couldn't wait for the end of the story so I read aloud in between spoonfuls of custard. I like the way that my home baking and home cooking has rubbed off onto my kids....I'll read aloud anytime in exchange for kids making delicious desserts from scratch for me!


April said...

Yes! This makes me happy!
Glad y'all are okay after that weather. It was SCARY here in the dark of night! ugh!
Homemade pudding sounds soooo wonderful.
Hope it's another good day!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

This sounds like a perfect afternoon!
I love the picture of the rainy day out your window.

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

What a great story and experience, Christine! It does my heart good to know that read-alouds are still appreciated by big kids!

(I host a weekly meme called Read Aloud Thursday, so this is obviously dear to my heart. Here's a link, in case you're interested: )