Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bormioli Rocco Gelo Glass Food Storage Containers Product Review by ChristineMM

Item: Bormiolo Rocco Gelo Glass Food Storage Containers 

We have been using this set of glass storage containers for three months and both my husband and I are very happy with them. (We own two sets at this point and plan to buy more.)

Our sets are round and have a red top. At present these are sold as a set of 3 or 4.

Note: when they say 4 piece they mean 4 glass bottoms and 4 red tops which is different than other manufacturers which count each item as one piece.

For quite some time I wanted to switch to use glass food storage (and away from plastic) but some of the glass products on the market cost too much money. We cook and bake from scratch a lot and always have leftovers. I can't afford $10 or $15 for a single container when I have 6-8-10 in use at all times! This was the least expensive set I could find and gave it a try. We are thrilled. Here is why:

The lids are one piece of polypropolene and they are easy to clean because there are no moving parts and no tiny cracks or crannies. An old toothbrush suffices to clean inside the groove if you need to.

Other brand's containers with snap down flap type lids that we've tried have gathered food in the tiny cracks and some grew mildew. (Talk about gross!) Other times the flap thing broke and did not close the container rendering the thing useless.

(A friend bought a different brand of expensive glass containers with plastic snap down lids and her snap lid parts are breaking, she tries to compensate with rubber bands to keep it on but it's not effective for transporting food such as using to transport lunch to be eaten away from home.)

The lids are very tight fitting and airtight.

The lids are soft plastic and easy to put on and to take off. Some of my plastic containers with different types of plastic lids can be hard to snap on compared to this.

The glass part is very thick and high quality. I don't worry about them breaking during normal use. It is thick enough for me to not worry about carrying them out when packing a meal to go.

I suspect the very cold glass against the food allows it to stay fresher longer as the glass is insulating. The food is so cold after being in the refrigerator.

I like that the sides go straight up and the lids don't take up additional space. This saves space.

The top surface of the lid has a texture so it is not slippery. This is most helpful when stacking the containers on top of each other inside the refrigerator.

Other brands of containers I own have slick top surfaces and when I try to stack them with food in them or when in storage in my cabinet they slide and fall and make a mess.

If arranged in a certain order you can store the empty containers with their lids on all inside the largest one. This makes for more compact storage.

These are dishwasher safe.

I highly recommend these as the best glass food storage containers for refrigerator use and for transporting food. They are also great for storing room temperature foods such as nuts bought in bulk or storing cookies. They are the least expensive glass food storage container I have found with the best lid system.'

Disclosure: I purchased these for our family's use. I was not paid to write a review or to blog about this product. For my blog's full disclosure statement see the link at the top of my blog's sidebar.


Karen said...

Christine - Not really a comment as such, rather a heads up. If you're looking to add more soon, check out TJMaxx and Marshalls. My local TJM had some of these in earlier this week. I can't remember prices. I noticed them because they were the same brand as the pitchers you reviewed earlier which I also own.

sonabanda said...

Excellent Christine. I just thought about switching to glass containers this evening. Browsing the internet for what's in the market, I bumped into your feature. Wow, I dont need to do any more research. I wonder if I could get this product in the UK. Many thanks Chrsitine.