Friday, October 22, 2010


The number of tote bags, boxes, and large items I schlepped and toted into my car, up to the homeschool co-op, into the building, and out of the building.

Even with my two sons helping me is it any surprise I left one thing behind? It was my knitting project in its tote bag.

Is this representational of my life now? Remembering all the essentials and everything for my kids and everything to teach other kids but leaving behind the one fun creative thing I do for myself?

I think so.

Well here's what my sons and I hauled to and fro in case you can't believe it.

7 tote bags with food items, small gadgets, measuring cups, pans, et cetera (for cooking class)
1 tote bag with cookbooks and my class notes in it
2 bags of groceries bought on the way to co-op
3 boxes of stuff to give away to others on the Freecycle table
1 laptop computer in its case
1 bag of school papers for older son
1 bag of school papers for younger son
1 pocketbook
1 brown bagged lunch bag
1 Kitchen Aid stand mixer
1 Cuisinart food processor
1 pogo stick (for Freecycle)
1 tote bag full of slippers (we're mandated to wear inside the building)
1 tote bag holding my knitting project

Now consider the time it took me to plan what to take, load it into bags, move it into the car, then to do it all in reverse when the day at homeschool co-op was over, before dinner and before rushing out to the Boy Scout meeting where I had a volunteer job to do.

I do this three days a week at three different homeschool co-op's, but usually not with THIS amount of stuff.

Welcome to my world, the fall of 2010, the most over-scheduled semester this family has ever lived.

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