Sunday, September 20, 2009

Portrait of a Killer Hat in Progress

Above is my Hat Wars 2009 killer hat in progress. I knitted the hat while riding from home to spend a weekend in Cape Cod, then while at Cape Cod, then finished it while riding home from the Cape.

On Saturday our family took a nature walk on this beach, Coast Guard Beach, a town beach in Truro. I knitted in the car on the way there and then walked and took lots of photos. It only seemed fitting to snap a photo of the yarn and hat in progress, a portrait of it, on the sand dune. I then knitted on the ride back from the beach.

The fun thing I was thinking was the hat's target lives in Washington state, so this hat will make its way across the whole United States, from one coast to the other.

The hat is The Boy Hat, free pattern available here.

(I finished the hat today and it will be mailed out tomorrow when the post office opens. I need to take a photo of the finished hat and do plan on sharing that photo in the near future.)

Photo taken by ChristineMM on 9/19/09 in Cape Cod.

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