Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Wish Our Government Would Think, Analyze, Learn, Then Act

Two things are bothering me about our current administration.

First, there is too much rushing in to try to pass fast bills to 'fix something'. Not enough time is being given to make a good plan, evaluate the plan, and figure out if the plan is a good one. It seems more important to jus do SOMETHING that sounds good on the surface rather than take the necessary time to make wise decisions.

Second, it seems people are unwilling to learn from history.

Regarding the idea of health care reform and creating a new government run health insurance for non-Medicare and non-Medicaid Americans, one should first remind oneself that the federal government has overspent and made a mess of both Medicare and Medicaid. And to boot Medicare and Medicaid patients and their health care providers are unhappy with multiple things about the plan. What makes anyone think the federal government is able to create and run a third, new plan? Why suddenly is everyone pretending Medicare and Medicaid are financially fine and well, for one thing?

Regarding Cap and Trade, I read this today in an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal "Cap and Trade Doeesn't Work" about how their equivalent program is working in Europe since it began in 2005:

"Advocates of the system like it because "the polluter pays." Setting aside for the moment the question of whether it is justifiable to call carbon dioxide a pollutant, companies of course do not simply absorb these extra costs. Instead, they pass them on to their customers who are also, by and large, taxpayers. Not only does the taxpayer carry the cost of any cap and trade scheme, but their money also provides profit for a whole new industry: the new carbon trading sector, the middlemen who make the system work.

Unlike normal tradable commodities, carbon dioxide emissions can only be estimated, rather than quantified exactly. And it is only international agreements and national law that give these permits a price at all. The result is a system open to misuse, since all parties -- seller, middleman and buyer -- have an incentive and opportunity to manipulate the estimates. Sellers want to show how much they are reducing their emissions, buyers benefit from lower prices as more units come to market, and traders do good business in a buoyant market."
(emphasis mine)

Before America creates a new Cap and Trade plan it would be wise to really look at what happened an is happening in Europe. Learn from their mistakes. Then either make a new plan that will not have the same problems or else scrap the plan entirely if it is deemed a sham.

I'm not confident that neither our administration nor Congress is evaluating this thoroughly.

With government especially, it is harder to undo a new government program or fix problems a government program causes than it is to plan wisely, evaluate thoroughly, and make a wiser decision before the new plan is approved by Congress.

Once people start making profits from Cap and Trade it will be hard to change or terminate the program.

Taxpayer citizens, get ready to pay more for your electricity and other things to absorb the cost of doing business as it rises due to a new Cap and Trade program (if it passes, which I bet it will).


Dana said...

Oh, Thank God! Finally someone who agrees with me. I've been saying this to friends and they think I'M the CRAZY one.

Government run health-care is pissing me off, because it's the middle class who will pay for it and feel it's burden. It frustrates much.

And yeah, what's with all the rushing to pass bills, especially ones that most Americans don't agree with? It seems so sneaky...

Karianne said...

I completely agree! I'm tired of the 'Act now, worry about the repercussions later.' type philosophy. While I am doing my best to teach my children about consequences and to think before they act, our government leaders are demonstrating the complete opposite behavior. The 'Do as I say, not as I do.' philosophy is rampant in government too.

Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

Just today I was thinking how so many people are not paying attention to what Obama is doing. For all the hoopla, he is a politician, after all.