Thursday, May 14, 2009

Partially Competing This Year

This is the fourth year that the State of Connecticut's DEP is holding the No Child Left Inside Program's Great Park Pursuit. This is a competitive family event that combines fun with an experience similar to the reality TV show "The Amazing Race". Families must solve clues to find locations in Connecticut's state parks, forests and protected open space areas. We must meet on certain dates and do different things such as hike, letterbox, water sports, picnic, learn about the environment and habitats of Connecticut, learn about green living and play outdoor family games.

The first year we were in the top 11 and placed 8th in the final competition.

The second year we made it to the finals but not to the top tier.

The third year we made it to the top tier (about 20 families). I don't know what we ranked as the boat we built to race was never seen crossing the finish line!

In order to get to the finals you have to do all the competitions, depending on the year, there are seven or eight. This year we have a conflict the weekend that we're heading to northern Maine to bury my maternal grandmother's ashes. We also have a conflict with one weekend with both a Cub Scout and Boy Scout campout, a giant statewide event. Another weekend is the Cub Scout Pack's family campout. And lastly the Boy Scout Troop's big family camping trip is on the same day as the final competition.

Sadly, I guess this means this year we can't do all the events so won't be in the running for the final prize. The top three prizes in the past were valued at between $3-5K.

We had a lot of fun in the past and went to many locations we didn't even know existed. This is a great program for families!

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