Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Last Weekend's Big Event

Opening Ceremony at ConnJam 2009

I've heard different numbers quoted, 3000 and 4000, as the number of campers at the ConnJam 2009 held in Orange Connecticut last weekend. This was a Council sponsored family event for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts set up in the same fashion as the Boy Scouts of America's Jamboree.

My husband camped with my Cub Scout son (per the BSA rules) and my older son camped with his Troop.

When this was planned I had visions of all I could do with a weekend alone at home. It was to be my first ever weekend home alone since birthing my first baby nearly twelve years ago, how glorious! I had grand plans. I barely got any of that done due to various urgent situations that cropped up. I wound up being at home alone for less than six hours! For one thing, I was called out of the house at 9pm to go get my older son who was suddenly sick with a fever and multiple other symptoms. Oh well.

The ConnJam was great though according to my two children and husband.

I am happy to volunteer for Scouts (both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts) but am not what I'd consider an uber-Scout mom. As one example, I had no part in the fantastic 2009 ConnJam. I am not SuperMom, and I'm happy that way.

Oh and yes participaton in this event goes on the list of proof that my always-homeschooled boys are not isolated from other kids and that they do not lack social skills.

Photo taken 5/16/09 by my husband with his Blackberry.

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