Thursday, April 23, 2009

Environmentalist Hypocrite Spotted

Today I was driving for a while behind a car with nine bumper stickers that were common environmental issue statements. Two were regarding taking measures to keep water clean, one was about cleaning up Long Island Sound. Some were about preserving open space and one was about hiking in a protected nature reserve. One was about wanting clean air. There were all very tree-huggerish in nature, okay, fine.

However, the driver had his arm dangling outside the window and he was smoking a cigarette. Okay that's air pollution. I could smell the smoke coming into my own car (with my windows shut) as I sat behind him at a red light.

But the kicker was that when he was done with the cigarette he flung the lit butt onto the road and kept driving.

Hello! Isn't littering a bad thing to do for the environment?

What a hypocrite!

I'm fine with people having bumper stickers and I'd like all the things that the man was pushing via his bumper stickers. However I can't stand hypocrisy. If he cared about air pollution he'd not smoke. If he cared about not wrecking the Earth he'd not litter. And frankly I think it's kind of sad that he doesn't care as much about his own personal health and continues to smoke. Perhaps he should focus on cleaning up his own act and taking personal responsibility for his actions as he lives on this Earth rather than buying bumper stickers and telling the world he cares about certain big causes that he doesn't live out in his own life.

(I've been doing green things long before they were cool. I just do my thing quietly and don't advertise my causes through bumper stickers.)