Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Freight Train: Two Book Reviews by ChristineMM

I bought a copy of this book to give to a child for Christmas in 2008. I also own a copy and read it aloud to both of my boys when they were babies and toddlers.

Tonight I re-read the book and wrote a review. I just tried to publish it on Amazon as a customer review, and they rejected it as apparently I had already reviewed this same book and had published my review on Amazon in December 2000! That was back when the word count of book reviews was short, either 200 or 300 words. So here is my book review penned tonight followed by the one I penned in 2000 when my oldest child was just three years old.

Freight Train Book Review by ChristineMM written 12/23/08

Title: Freight Train
Author/Illustrator: Donald Crews
Genre: Fiction, picture book, board book
Publisher: HarperFestival
ISBN: 9780688149000
Full Retail Price: $6.99
Awards: Caldecott Honor Book, 1979

My Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Summary Statement: Simple, Fun, Much Adored (and Not Annoying to Read Aloud a Million Times)

I’m revisiting this book in phase two. Phase two is when you own a children’s book and enjoyed it and your kids loved it, then your kids too old for it, and years after, you go on to buy new copies of the same book for the new babies and toddlers that come into your life.

This book is fantastic. It is just so simple and perhaps also perfect!

I bought this when my oldest was just a baby. He loved to have me read it over and over and over. And that is okay because it is short and not annoying in the least. That son of mine went on at age two to love trains, so this was his first book about trains. I then went on to read it to my second son.

In the book children hear about different railroad cars. The cars are in the colors of the rainbow, then a black tender and steam engine, so this helps children learn colors too.

There is a good pace to the book and the toddlers and preschool aged kids like to keep the pages turning quickly to get to the next part. The interplay between the text and the illustrations keeps things moving along at a good pace and it has a fun ending that might not be expected.

This book was a Caldecott Honor book in 1979.

This book is now on my list of books to buy for all the baby and toddler boys who I buy gifts for. I also buy it for girls when I know one of their parents enjoys trains.


Freight Train Book Review by ChristineMM written 12/28/2000:

My Rating:
5 stars out of 5

Simple text describes 4 different types of freight cars, the caboose, the tender and the steam engine. The six basic colors plus black are used for each car and therefore this is an ideal way to teach colors to the little train-lover. Very fast read and my son pleads me to read it again. I don't mind, as this is not aggravating in any way (as some of the board books are). Sturdy board book construction. Great book!

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Page Turner said...

This is in our family's stack of picture books to read this coming week (Week 52 of Semicolon's Picture Book Preschool). I'm glad to read your review, and I'm sure my 4 1/2 year old and 1 1/2 year old will love it!

Crimson Wife said...

This is one of my 3 yr old's absolute favorite books. He enjoys all of the author's picture books about machines (Truck, School Bus, Flying, Sail Away, etc.) but Freight Train is the one to which he constantly returns.