Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Surprising Response

We were in Brugger's Bagels yesterday morning. An orthodontist appointment that the office could only do on a Monday morning forced us to abandon homeschooling lessons and to venture out into the world. So while out we did some errands right in that vicinity.

An older teen boy waited on us at the bagel shop. As we prepared to leave he asked if the kids were off of school today.

"Ho hum here we go again with that question" I thought. "No, my children are homeschooled", I replied.

"Oh! So am I!" he said.

I just smiled and left. I was kind of rushing and was not in the mood for chat. But after I got into the car I told myself perhaps I should have slowed down a bit and gone on to make some friendly small talk. I probably came off as cold and unfriendly (even though I did smile) which would be unfortunate. I think what happened was that I had stiffened up when I heard the question and was maybe braced to be on the defense and had my guard up.

As we left, my boys were asking me what he said as they could not hear him and I repeated it. They thought it was cool that the Brugger's employee was homeschooled. Then they asked me why he wasn't home doing lessons. I said, "I don't know!".

We also had to do quick errands at the grocery store, Wal Mart and A.C. Moore. I noted that in each of those stores, on this non-holiday weekday morning, I saw between one and three families with one or more older school-aged children in tow. Some of them looked about twelve years old. I wonder if they were homeschooled or just home sick from school and being dragged out for errands?

I am so sick of being asked that question though, that I have never, and will not be asking any family that question at least any time soon!!

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MamaK said...

That was cool, eh? Beats the whole rigamarole we usually go through! -K

*~Tamara~* said...

I immediately go on defense when we're out during "school hours" as well. Today we had to make a run to the post office to mail Grandma's birthday present and as soon as we walked in the door, the lady asked why the boys had the day off school.


Like you, I never ask! I don't want to put someone else on defense. *grin*

Crimson Wife said...

Many schools in our area operate on year-round schedules with periodic breaks, so we often run into traditionally-schooled kids when we're out & about during the day. My 6 yr old social butterfly always finds it a bit disappointing when she learns that her new friend will be heading back to the classroom soon...