Saturday, November 29, 2008

(Homeschool) Class Project

This is the log cabin that was built by students in an experiental class for homeschoolers.

The cabin was built in the 2006-2007 year.

The addition of the 'balcony' was built in the fall 2007 session.

My older son worked on this cabin and the 'balcony'.

I took the photograph then altered it in Photoshop.

Different and other education is a good thing. The fact that we homeschool allows us to choose various classes held in the community. Not all learning experiences that my children do are taught by me inside the walls of our home.

If you enjoy this let me know and I will share the realistic looking photos and will explain more about the project.


**** April **** said...

I would love to hear more about this project and see real time photos! I have an older son that I am just starting to home school so this is actually a blessing to find that there are "bigger than life" type projects out there... awesome!

Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

I'd love to see the actual photo. I so wish we could have participated in Great Hollow this year but the day of the week was not good for us! I'm hoping next year it will take the place of our White Memorial and Beardsley Zoo classes.