Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Peek Back at Book Sorting and Where We're At Now

If you want a peek back to August 2005 and the book shuffle I was doing back then in our home library, check out this blog post with photos.

I am not finished with the book shuffle in preparation for this 2008-2009 homeschooling year. Our library still looks like a book bomb went off. There are boxes of books all over and stacks on the floors, coffee table and the end tables. The best thing I can say is that the book clutter is ONLY confined to this one room.

One plan this year for our homeschooling lessons is to focus on covering many science topics with my third grader (my youngest child). I plan to force myself to make decisions and let go of science topic books for elementary grades. That will lighten our book load. A second priority is history and I will be doing the same with history books for the elementary grades. Again the load will be lightened.

A large part of our homeschooling materials consists of living books, real children’s books. I find most of these used at library fundraiser book sales. It is easy to accumulate lots of books when paying 10, 25, or 50 cents for each book. It is easy to say, “Well if the book stinks I only spent 50 cents on it”.

This year instead of spending time making a perfect homeschooling plan and schedule and having my books all organized and perfect BEFFORE starting lessons I have a general plan in my mind, some of it is on paper, and none of it is scheduled out on paper. The library is still a mess. We did not stop summer fun or frequent travel in order to get the planning done (although I was tempted and really wanted to send my husband and kids away for a week without me to leave me alone here in peace to plan everything out). Most importantly we did start our homeschooling lessons and the kids are doing their work. It is just that Mom is not as organized as she’d like to be. I feel in this way that I’m putting the big rocks in first. A tidy and perfect looking home library is a much lower priority to me than doing the actual home educating of my children.


My post explaining what I believe a living book is

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