Thursday, August 28, 2008

Younger Son Loves Code Breakers A

I was sorting through things purchased at the spring 2008 homeschooling conference that I attended. I found a book in the stack that I had totally forgotten about. I found the workbook at the Rainbow Resource Center booth. It is called “Code Breakers A”. I had never heard of it before. I recall scanning the book and thinking that it was a fun way to do math using logical thinking. The book is for grades 3-6. I cannot recall which child I had in mind when I bought it, one, the other or both.

"Code Breakers A" is a consumable workbook. With effort a person could try to use the book without writing in it. The full retail is $12.95. Rainbow Resource Center discounts it down to $10.25 (when I bought it). The book uses three colors of circles and uses math and they have to figure out what number goes inside each colored bubble. There are three sets of problems that use three colors mixed in with three problems. So it might say for the whole thing:

Red + blue = 5

Green + red = 8

Green + blue = 7

I was doing homeschooling planning and pondering when I found the book. I took a look at it and thought perhaps I should show it to my younger son and see what he thinks. And so I dropped what I was doing and called him over to the kitchen table. I explained it to him and I was surprised to see how quickly he took to it. He could do the problems instantly using mental math and logical thinking. He really enjoyed it.

I was just looking at the book again and see on the cover they show to use a pencil and make it into an algebraic formula using x and y. My son (age 8) is doing all the work mentally, silently thinking to himself.

When the problems moved up to a harder level I explained the logical way to reframe the problem to be able to come up with an answer, he took to it immediately. Basically it is easy algebra.

My younger son loves the book. I’m going to get another copy of this same book for my older son. I also just ordered the level B of this book which the publisher says is for grades 4-7.

Amazon sells these for full retail but with free shipping in their super saver program or with Amazon Prime.

One of my goals this year is to mix up math a bit by adding in more of these types of fun activities rather than just focusing on our regular math curriculum.

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Deb said...

Thanks for the information about Code Breakers, Christine. I hadn't heard about it before. I'll look into it, my kids may really like it as we have a Logic component to our home school.