Friday, July 25, 2008

Fiction Books That Arrived The Other Day

In one day’s mail this week, I received four books. That is what I call a Good Mail Day.

Just received a review copy book from the Library Thing Early Reviewers program:

A young adult genre novel (for ages 12-16) Cruel Summer by Alyson Noel. I’m curious to see more of what the teenaged girls of 2008 are reading these days. From the back cover:

“Having recently discarded her dorky image—and the best friend that went with it—Colby Cavendish is looking forward to a long hot season of parties, beach BBQs, and, hopefully, more hookups with Levi Boinham, the hottest guy in school.”

It goes on to say her parents make her spend the summer with her crazy aunt in Greece where she meets a “cute Greek local” and has something “more intense” than a summer fling.

Noel wrote Art Geeks and Prom Queens which is another young adult genre book. I enjoyed that book and found it to be not as much fluff and nonsense as other some other popular Young Adult genre books such as the Gossip Girl series. Actually “Art Geeks…” would make a fantastic movie. I never got around to writing a book review on “Art Geeks…” (I meant to but never did).

Received from a swap on PaperBackSwap, a book I criticized the storyline of when it was published in 2005, but had never read: Rainbow Party by Paul Ruditis. This is young adult genre fiction (ages 12-16) about public high school students (sophomores) who have oral sex parties. Now I can see what is really in this book and I’ll write a book review of it after reading it cover to cover. I was curious to read the book myself but didn’t want to spend my money to buy the book nor did I want the publisher or author to earn income from my purchase of the book. So my getting a used copy from a PBS swap is just the right thing. This book was not available at my local libraries and as a friend said, would I want to promote it by being one more person to check it out anyway? Here is a good customer review of it written by a teenager.

Just received from the Amazon Vine review program, and advance reading copy:

Adult fiction novel Schooled a novel by Anisha Lakhani. Note I do not understand why publishers are publishing books with the same exact title as other recent books. I speak specifically about another book for the young adult genre, Schooled by Gordon Korman, published in 2007. This book is about a new teacher at an elite private school in Manhattan who earns peanuts. When she discovers the high quality homework is being done by paid tutors she joins their ranks, moonlighting to the students, “earning more in an hour than she makes in a day”. This is based on real life experiences as a tutor to privately schooled Manhattanites. I figured this may be an entertaining summer read. Whatever amount is close to reality will be interesting for me to read since I’m a homeschooling mother since I am so often thinking about education and schooling in America.

By the way I had read Schooled by Gordon Korman and reviewed it in a former blog post, here. That book is about a boy raised on a hippie commune who was homeschooled and really a misfit in American culture who is suddenly forced to attend public high school.

A year ago or so I heard rave reviews somewhere for The Ravenmaster’s Secret by Elvira Woodruff. I wanted to get a copy for my boys to read. The story is set at the Tower of London in 1735. I put it on my PaperBackSwap wish list and it finally did come in and I received it as a swap. Coincidentially this is on the summer reading program for my town’s public school, for my older son’s grade (sixth). I may read this too to see how good it is. Sometimes I like to read juvenile fiction as frankly sometimes it is higher quality and more uplifting than some of the fiction published for adult women. If the book is good I will offer it to my older son to read.

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