Thursday, January 10, 2008

We Love Jim Weiss

Here is my older son (then aged 8) with Jim Weiss.

We were lucky enough to see and hear Jim Weiss tell his stories when he was a guest at the Westport Public Library. Our family along with two other homeschooling families showed up 45 minutes early 'to get a good spot' as it was 'first come first served' and we were horrified at the idea of not getting in. I was thrilled to be able to attend that free event so close to my home.

(My younger son was being shy and refused to be in the photo, which made me unhappy as I would have loved to have a photo of both of my Jim Weiss fan children with him.)

We have been listening to the storytelling of Jim Weiss since about 2001 when my older son was four years old. We own probably half of his recordings. Others we have borrowed from local libraries. Our family loves Jim Weiss’s voice and we enjoy his storytelling. We’ve listened to everything from real history to Bible stories to fables. I am thrilled that he recorded some of the Story of the World books.

My children can tolerate long car drives, up to 800 miles in one day. We don’t own a television for the car either. We have gotten through car drives with conversation, listening to music and listening to Jim Weiss’ stories and to recordings of fiction audio books.

If you have not ever listened to Jim Weiss’ recordings I urge you to do so! His company is called Greathall Productions. You can get the recordings directly through Greathall Productions or from Amazon.

Photo taken at Westport Connecticut in February 2006.

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Kathy said...

We LOVE Jim Weiss. One of our favorites is 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Thanks for spreading the good word about his fantastic recordings!
I'm at

MamaK said...

So that is what he looks like! I always wondered. He is indeed a great story teller!-K

christinemm said...

Jim Weiss was very happy and upbeat. That is not a fake smile! He was full of energy. It was odd after me hearing him tell stories for hours and hours to hear the voice come out of his live body and face though, but in real life he does tell stories in exactly that same voice. It is not fancy engineering in a sound booth.

We remain huge fans.