Sunday, December 30, 2007

Short Conversation With a College Professor About Homeschooling

While getting ice cream at a little roadside shop two days after Christmas, in Kittery, Maine, a woman asked my son ten year old if he was out on school vacation.

My son hesitated. Lately he is a bit more shy about questions from strangers about schooling and school attendance. He used to proudly proclaim his homeschooling status.

I nudged my son and told him to answer her.

He said that he was homeschooled so he didn't have school vacation.

The woman then said, "Well even if you homeschool you must get days off".

My son and I smiled and said yes he was having a break from homeschooling.

The woman then said she was a college professor and that she has had several homeschooled children as college students. She said that she felt that homeschooling was a good way to get an education.

I asked if they 'turned out alright'.

She laughed and said yes, they are very prepared. She said she has been very impressed with her formerly homeschooled students. She said they also do very well on standardized tests and have no problem keeping up with the college work and testing process in the college courses.

She then asked how long we've been homeschooling and if I do the teaching. I answered that and then added that we actually live in Connecticut and that down there homeschooling seems to be growing.

It was nice to have a positive conversation about homeschooling with a stranger. It was nice also to hear these positive words from a college professor.

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Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Yes, it is nice to have a good conversation about homeschooling. And it was nice to read about it, too.

A few months ago, N. accompanied me to see my advisor. Later she commented on how well he was doing, and how much better he seemed than when he was in school. It was so good to hear that!