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Homeschool Open House Week in Review: Week 15

Homeschool Open House Week in Review
Week 15: December 9-15, 2007

Older son is aged 10 and in 5th grade.
Younger son is aged 7 and in 2nd grade.

The plan for the week was to immerse ourselves in Christmas prep, get into the Christmas spirit, and do a light load of homeschooling work. However sickness interrupted all of that.

Rather than bore you with all the minutae I will try to just summarize.

Sunday I felt low energy and like I was “fighting something”. We didn’t put the tree up as planned nor did we do the Santa at the Trolley Museum thing as I just didn’t feel well enough. Sunday I did my usual Bible Study class and church and my kids did choir practice and religious ed class.

A friend of my kids’ ended up coming over for a playdate for a few hours.

All of Monday and part of Tuesday I was out of commission with a stomach bug. I had no energy and felt terrible and spent that time resting. My husband happened to be home on Monday and I was grateful as he then was in charge of tending to the kids.

My older son continued to have sickness symptoms, upper respiratory tract stuff. Later in the week, my younger son got the sniffles and post nasal drip this week too.

We did a day of errand running and a visit to the orthodontist’s office. I deep cleaned the family room and rearranged all the furniture to make room for the Christmas tree.

On another day, we had a snowstorm that forced all plans for that day to be cancelled. The public schools were closed all day too. In addition to sledding on our hill with the neighbor kids and having good conversation with my mom-friends, and then having an indoor playdate for a couple of hours, our family still got a few things done. We put up the tree (not decorated though). I made a batch of homemade bread and I made one batch of gingerbread dough (for a future gingerbread house) (with older son doing most of the work). I also cleaned the house more.

Then the next day, I got sick with a head cold and fever. I had (have) very low energy. I’ve been trying to rest.

This also was a year of a problem putting up the Christmas tree. During the light putting on stage the thing kept falling over. We ended up hacking off some of the trunk and chiseling it down so it fit better into the tree stand. That project ended at 9:30pm one night. Then the next day, we realized that half of the lights weren’t working (maybe due to the fact that when the tree fell water went over and into some of them). That necessitated a trip to the store to buy more lights. Then the all-tangled-up lights had to be removed (that took two hours). Then the lights were put back on. Phew. For the record this was done by my husband and kids while I rested in bed with a fever.

Then the last day of the week consisted of me and the kids decorating the tree with ornaments. I then quickly tidied up the place to make room for guests. My sons then had their first singing with the church’s children’s choir, of Christmas songs, at the Saturday night service. My parents and my mother-in-law came to see them sing. Then they came to our house to have a big pasta dinner, made by my husband.

As we went to bed a snow and ice storm was predicted. We were unsure how that would affect our children’s planned performances with the chidlren’s choir in two Sunday worship services.

The week was altered greatly by the fact that me and both of my children were sick and needed to rest and recuperate.

Miscellaneous Notes:
We are still having technical problems with our ISP and getting email accounts for our children. This has delayed the whole kids blogging project.

My older son continues to be very interested in cooking. This week he made the bread with me and the gingerbread dough. He also asked for a special treat of frozen mozzarella sticks and he was baking them himself. He is gaining confidence in cooking. In case you are wondering he has been making his own breakfast for years, maybe three years, and helps himself to non-cooking snacks since he was a toddler.

Thoughts on Our Homeschooling Method and Style:
Thinking and analyzing the homeschooling method and style are not really on my mind when I am sick with different viruses! This week was about survival and getting healthy again, riding out snowstorms and just plain living life.

My Children's Self-Initiated Stuff

Here are some of the things my children do in their spare time regarding play and reading which is self-initiated.

Older Son, alone:

Reading Yu-Gi-Oh! manga
Reading back issues of Shonen Jump manga
Working by snail mail letter coorepondence with another homeschooled (local) boy to write the second installment in their comic book series (spent about two hours on this one night).
Reading Calvin and Hobbes
Looked through robot books in library stacks but found nothing of interest

Younger Son, alone:

checking and re-checking progress of the crystals we're growing
Reading Yu-Gi-Oh! manga

Both children alone or together:

Played Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game with each other
Fooz ball (tabletop soccer game), with each other, with friends or with my husband (a lot)
Playing with LEGOs A LOT (making spaceships, working on the command center, a project that is taking over a year)
Playing Timez Attack
Playing card games with regular playing cards
Playing with wooden unit blocks (hadn't used those in a long time)

General Information:
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