Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bins Are Not The Answer

(I wrote this earlier this week.)

I’m decluttering toys and games and children’s play stuff before Christmas.

Today I got a little overwhelmed and caught myself thinking, “If I only had more plastic bins!”.

I quickly corrected myself to say, “Bins are not the answer!”

Then told myself: “Get rid of it instead!”

Yesterday while finishing a top to bottom decluttering and cleaning of the family room I ended up with four full boxes of stuff to get rid of. This is primarily board games and jigsaw puzzles, some VHS and DVD movies and TV shows and a few toys.

Today I banished the last of the LEGOs to the playroom, out of the family room and up to the playroom. My older son was distraught. An end to an era. Since he began playing with LEGOs five years ago I’ve let them be housed in the family room. No more. The kids were unable to keep them picked up decently so they are now moved up to the playroom. The room is almost an adult only room! Actually on the surface it is, as the toys and puzzles are in a nice looking toy box or within closed cabinets, hidden from view.

In order to make room in the playroom for the LEGOs, we had to get rid of some of what was up there.

Presently I have the loveseat stacked completely up with toys, a K’Nex pinball game kit, a plastic train set, four sets of 1970s vintage “Big Jim”, some card games, and a bunch of small vehicle toys and other random toys.

I am so proud of myself for allowing us to let go of this stuff that I may photograph it before it moves out the door, just to remember that I was actually able to let go of this stuff. (I am battling my inner pack rat.)

And I am happy to report that I feel no sense of loss. I feel elated, lightened, and happy.

Note to self: moving, sorting, organizing and reorganizing this stuff takes up time and energy that I could or should or want to be using to do other, better things. That in and of itself is one very good reason to rid oneself of extra stuff.

I am reminding myself that this Christmas season we are having the lowest spending budget ever. And this stuff is NOT getting replaced on a one to one ratio basis. Even better is the fact that some of the presents are very small (Yu-Gi-Oh! trading cards) and they take up very little room.

And the family room looks fantastic, very empty with bare horizontal surfaces.


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1 comment:

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Good for you!

The hardest of part of decluttering is actually getting rid of stuff. I always have the same temptation as you had. A better filing system. More storage. It is just so darn hard to get rid of stuff. But I have found Goodwill to be a most appreciative taker lately. I throw away the broken stuff. The rest goes to charity.