Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Nominations for the 2007 Homeschool Blog Awards

Some homeschool bloggers are sharing who they nominated for the 2007 Homeschool Blog Awards, so I will join in to share the blogs of other homeschool blogs in case you wonder who I thought deserved a nomination.

Reminder: we could only nominate one blog per category.

I didn’t nominate in every category as there were some categories that I don’t even read blogs in. I also felt there were good blogs that I didn’t feel fit into the categories so I didn’t know how to handle that. For example I couldn’t figure out where “Why Homeschool” would fit even though I read and enjoy that blog.

To qualify for the 'finals' to be on the nomination list to be voted on to win the award a blogger must have had three nominations from three different people. You can read the list of nominees here. Voting begins December 3, 2007.

‘Live-What-You-Believe’ Homeschool Blog:
Ragamuffin Studies
(made it to the list)

Best Unschooling or Eclectic Homeschooling Blog:
The Lilting House, she also blogs at Here in the Bonny Glen
(Here in the Bonny Glen made it to the list)

Best Current Events, Opinions or Politics Blog:
Consent of the Governed
(made it to the list)

Best Cyber-Buddy Blogger:
Mental Multivitamin
(not on the list in that category, but made the list in the category of "Live What You Believe")

Trivium Academy
(made it to the list)

Best Variety:
The Common Room
(made it to the list)

As I announced previously, I made it to the finals in the 'Best Homeschool Mom' blog category.

Voting begins on December 3, 2007.

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© 2003-2007 Mental multivitamin/M-mv said...

Oh, Christine! Thank you for the nomination. As it turns out, Mental multivitamin did make a list -- my site is one in the "Best 'Live What You Believe' Category," which is a little puzzling... but nice. (*smile*)

Best regards, and thank you again.


christinemm said...

Thanks for the clarification Melissa. I was only looking in the exact category. I just updated my blog entry to say what category you made it into.

Great now I have to choose between two of my favorite blogs nominated in one category...hmmmm....