Thursday, July 19, 2007

Question Answered: New Homeschooling Parent Looking For a Book

(Asked by a homeschooling mother) Someone I know is going to start homeschooling. She wants ONE book that tells the different methods of homeschooling and what curriculums are available to help her decide which to do and which things to buy. Is there one book that tells this information? I thought there was one but can’t recall the title.

My Background Thoughts:
It is hard to get all of that information in just one book. There are many books on homeschooling in general, or on specific methods, or comparing methods. It is harder to find a book that talks about the various different methods then also discusses the curriculum choices and then that also tells enough to help a newbie form opinions or to help guide them to decision making.

I also was not told if the person is Christian or if they have a preference for Chrsitian viewpoints or if they want a secular book.

My Answer:
Are you thinking of “Mary Pride’s Complete Guide to Getting Started in Homeschooling”? This book tells the different philosophies and then gets into curriculums. Mary Pride is Christian and pretty much “school at home-ish “ in my opinion. She is very opinionated and doesn’t hide that in her writing. Her biases and views are loud and clear.

I have not read this newer book but own and have read her older books, one older one I’ve read and base my opinions on is called “The Big Book of Home Learning 4th Edition Volume 1: Getting Started”. Pride updates her books periodically since they discuss actual curriculums and since the market is always changing she publishes updated versions of her books quite frequently.

Also she owns the magazine Practical Homeschooling. Mary Pride’s website is Homeschool World.

Or are you thinking of Cathy Duffy’s “Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum”? I have not read her book. She is Christian but I don’t know how that comes across in the book. Info on what is in that book can be found on Cathy Duffy's website or check Amazon’s customer reviews for more information about what readers thought of the book.

“Home Learning Year by Year” by Rebecca Rupp is a secular book. Besides listing lots of real children’s books to use she also has some curriculum information, i.e. suggesting Saxon math, Miquon etc. But I am looking at that now and frankly to compare a curriculum to another curriculum it is not that great as it gives only 1-2 sentences per item, not enough to make a decision about which curriculum to buy, if you ask me. She’d have to start there then do more research on the Internet or using the company’s own published information about their products to make a decision about which curriculum to buy.

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Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

I started with two books:

John Holt's Teach Your Own--which is more about why homeschool. It has a new edition which talks about what has happened in the homeschool world since Holt wrote the book

The Well-Trained Mind because it had a lot of material suggestions and pretty good review of them. This second is definitely Classical Homeschooling and does not deal with unschooling, though.