Thursday, July 19, 2007

Photo of the Day: My Homemade Bread

There is nothing like homemade bread.

You can use your own fresh ingredients. You can eat bread without chemicals and preservatives if you make your own bread.

You can even use organic ingredients if you want.

Or you can go further than I ever have and even grind your own wheat.

With my stand-up mixer (Kitchen Aid) I don't even have to do kneading by hand. Making break from scratch is a cinch with a stand-up mixer, so long as you are going to be home for about four hours in total to let it rise, punch it down, and so on.

Go for it and make some homemade bread. Life is too short to only eat the store bought stuff.

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Shawna said...

I can smeel it from here! And yes, nothing tastes high school, my boyfriend's grandfather made fresh bread and rolls every single night. They were sooooooooo good!