Saturday, July 21, 2007

Our Family and the Release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

It is 4:26 p.m. at my house right now.

UPS drove by this morning to make a delivery at a neighbor’s house, and they did not stop to delivery my Amazon order of the seventh Harry Potter book.

FedEx blasted through this morning. Ditto.

The mailman (USPS) is late.

But Amazon says that the order is being shipped by UPS. I am a bit miffed at this point. Why is it not here?

UPS’s tracking system says that yesterday morning my package was in a town that is about 20 minutes from my house. There is not a notation that the package is “en route”, which is not typical.

I had hoped our pre-order for the last Harry Potter book would arrive today. In any event Amazon has a pre-order guarantee that if it does not arrive today, I get the book free.

But I just want the book here, that is all. This anticipation is killing me. I just want it in my hands.

This will actually be our second copy. My children got one copy from an independent bookseller at midnight when the book was released. My children were lucky to be invited to a multi-family, multi-age, multi-gender Harry Potter party at a homeschooling friend’s house. First they played together at their home. They then went as a group to a little book store and attended the party the store was having. They picked up their books at midnight, then went back to the family’s house. The idea was that they’d read a bit then go to sleep.

However nearly all the kids stayed up all night long! One boy who is huge fan, aged ten, finished the book. The rest began the book and are quite deep into it, but they didn’t finish it yet. Apparently my seven year old fell asleep much earlier than the rest of the kids (which I knew would happen and that is the reason I didn’t buy two copies last night at much closer to full retail). My older son made it almost to page 350 and right now he is napping. When I went to pick the kids up this morning, they were in a deep sleep and I had trouble waking them up. They had a blast and I am happy they have that great memory of this special day of the release of the last Harry Potter book.

But now I want the other copy of our book so that more than one family member can read it at the same time!

Update: 5:03pm. The USPS delivered the mail. Amazon had shipped the Harry Potter book to my local USPS office then they delivered it to me. I don't understand why the Amazon account says that UPS was the shipper and why the UPS has a tracking number. I wonder if Amazon shipped it to UPS who then shipped it to the USPS for final delivery and that in fact is what the tracking number was recording. Hmmm. Odd. Well it is here and that is what is important!

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InsertWittyBlogHere said...

Mine came the same way! I was waiting all day for the UPS truck, and here comes a second regular mail man shortly after 4:00. The label does say UPS in one part, and USPS in another part.

It must be similar to FedEx's new "SmartPost" system - that one starts off with FedEx, but is ultimately delivered by the USPS.

Or it might be a special deal for special deliveries like this.

And now, my husband has stolen my book and shows no signs of giving it back. Hmph. Somebody may be sleeping on the couch tonight. :-D

Shawna said...

What a great event for your children! A special memeory.

My 20 year old wants the book badly, but they are sold out here. My friend bought her's at Costco for about $10.00 cheaper, so planning that route during the week.