Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kids In Mind Movie Review Website, A Good Resource For Parents

Today I discovered a new to me movie review website while looking for information on the movie rating system used by Hollywood. It is called “Kids-In-Mind”.

I read the review for Transformers, the new movie which I blogged about here.

I found this review on Kids-In-Mind much more detailed compared to the Plugged-In Online. Plugged-In Online is a Christian movie review website which has free movie reviews which are detailed. I have been using Christian movie review websites for years as at one time they were the only ones that gave detailed information about the problematic areas in movies that Hollywood creates for children. Again I am surprised that Kids-In-Mind is actually more detailed than Plugged-In Online (a Focus on the Family division).

I advise all parents to fully research movies before showing them to your children. Don’t just check one source but compare a couple of sources. You may be surprised to see that some of the popular movie review sites actually don't critique the movie or point out any problem areas, they seem to serve as nothing more than sites who compliment every single movie, regardless of its actual content--I avoid those sites. I would also recommend that Christians check Kids-In-Mind even though it is not a Christian website, because their reviews appear to have even more details of problematic content that you’d want to know about.

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Amanda said...

I agree. I think that the kids-in-mind site is the most detailed that I've seen. If anything, they are a little too detailed... They can give away spoilers. Then again, that is not a big deal if you are watching a kids movie and not concerned about spoiling it ;)