Friday, February 16, 2007

Some Background Information On The German Teenager Story

I found this article which gives more background information than I had heard anywhere. It also shows photos of the teenager and her family. Don’t they look normal and happy?

This is the story that so many homeschoolers are talking about.

Note that while the girl was in school and failing math and Latin the family was tutoring her at home to help her learn. It was that which made the authorities angry. Apparently they want all the teaching to come from the school even when the teaching is not effective to achieve the stated goal (the child learning the content). Since when is helping a child catch up by doing work at home illegal? Also note they describe the issues in the class such as cancelled classes and also noisy classrooms.

(Actually my friend was told by the Principal of the elementary school in our town that they don't want the parents helping the child with homework or explaining concepts. The Principal said to mark the paper to say "doesn't understand this" so that the teacher can track the child's status and to address it in the classroom. Can you imagine that?)

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Dana said...

The case is kind of frightening. When her psychological evaluation was released, I was expecting it to contain something. Homeschooling is illegal and I do understand authorities taking measures to force attendance, although I disagree with them. Forcing attendance is different than comparing homeschool to emotional abuse, however.

And there is NOTHING in the report to indicate this girl has any real problem. I have it translated on my blog if you are interested...there are some comments by an independent psychologist I want to translate and include in the entry later, if I have time.

At least her family now knows where she is at and is allowed to visit her. Hopefully, we will know the ruling on Monday.

Dana said...

Sorry, I forgot to include the link, in case you did want to see it.