Monday, February 12, 2007

Connecticut Homeschool Co-Op Article in The New York Times

Yesterday The New York Times published this article about homeschool co-op’s in Connecticut.

I laughed out loud, literally when the superintendent said he wants to make sure parents are not running daycares in their homes---who ever heard of someone paying a parent to raise their own children at home (be an ‘at home’ mom)?

Also there is yet again another error about filing paperwork for homeschoolers. The law in Connecticut does not require that homeschoolers file paperwork with the town or the superintendent or the school board. It is a suggested procedure outlined in the C-14 Guidelines; it is not a part of the LAW.

The statistic for the number of homeschoolers in Connecticut is lower than reality. I don’t know anyone who files the Notice of Intent paperwork so they are all homeschooling in real life, and the state doesn’t know about them.

Otherwise it is a good article with a positive tone.

Information about the Connecticut homeschooling law can be found here.

Update 2/13/07: Judy Aron blogged about this here. She includes the full text of the article as well as more information about misquotes and mistakes about what the CT homeschooling law is. I tell you with the misquotes in the media and the time I myself have been misquoted I wonder about all the pieces I read--how accurate are they?

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Judy Aron said...

Please check my blog post about this.. Debi Stevenson and Diane Connors were misquoted..
They never even said the things that this article claims they said.

jmc2163 said...

Hello, I am a first time mom (in Fairfield County) who is considering homeschooling, maybe a co-op, or even a small low cost monessori school with high parent involvement and would love advice, direction, etc from likeminded moms who have been there.

I have read a few of your posts--I particularly loved the one discussing why you picked homeschooling and how it was hard for you to understand families who struggled to have kids then opted out of being with them.

Anyway, is there a parenting group or some sites you might suggest?