Saturday, January 27, 2007

Woke Up To No Heat Today

Well winter has finally arrived. For the last two days we had temperatures in the teens. Yesterday felt so cold as there was a good wind as well as 15 degree temperatures.

I was grateful for a warm house!

Last night the kids wanted to have a fire in the fireplace so we did that. I read aloud from “The Railway Children” by E. Nesbit and finally finished it. (I plan to do a full book review on it soon after my wrist pain subsides.)

So the scene last night was me with a painful hand and wrist, sitting on the couch under a comforter trying to keep warm. The warmth from the fire was just beyond my reach. The kittens played around our feet and sometimes cuddled with us. My older son sometimes cuddled up to me under the comforter. My younger son was doing imaginative play with a LEGO Bionicle set he received for Christmas. To be honest at some points he was tuning out the story that I was reading aloud. My husband sat on the other couch and browsed through a mail-order catalog while listening to me read.

Later my older son made PB&J sandwiches for my younger son and I. We ate them in the living room by the fire which is very much NOT a routine thing to do in our house. Eating is usually restricted to the kitchen.

Lastly the night ended with my sons begging to roast marshmallows over the fire. Using metal shish-ke-bob skewers we roasted a few. They were roasting and if one got burned they gave it to me to eat. I guess I’m the only one who not only tolerates but likes the taste of a burned marshmallow.

We went to bed, all was well.

When my husband and I woke up the room seemed chillier than usual. It was quiet, the heat was not on and there was no blower sound. The temperature in the room was 52 degrees. Brrr.

My husband investigated and confirmed that the furnace is not working. A call was put in to the oil company and it has been about two hours now and so far we have no indication from then of approximately when they will arrive. (They usually give some kind of an indication.)

My husband started a fire in the fireplace. The boys laid a blanket near the fire and sat in front of the warmth of the fire. My husband cooked a hot breakfast for everyone. I decided to rearrange the living room furniture temporarily to put the couch right in front of the hot fire. I could no do the lifting, though; the kids did it while I pushed with my one good hand.

And so that is the state of affairs in this home right now. It is 23 degrees outside, and 57 degrees at my desk here.

I am going to step away from the PC now to go read while sitting on the couch, under a comforter, in front of the fire.

(Note: that haircut that I was going to call to schedule for today will not happen now and the plans to go to a winter festival event won’t happen either. Both are fine with me, I am happy to relax at home and to rest my hand and wrist, but I’d prefer to do it in a heated home.)

Update: After about 4.5 hours the service man came and found the problem. We need a new boiler. The poor furnace is working like a dog and three hours after it was running again, it is still only 60 degrees in some rooms.

The kids are now at a friends house for a playdate.

I started a new book today (for myself) and one for the kids.

I think I need to spend time on the couch reading for pleasure on a regular basis. Slowing down is a good thing.

"Chapter After Chapter: Discover the Dedication and Focus You Need To Write the Book of Your Dreams": my personal reading

"Five Children and It": new family read aloud (chapter book, fiction, a classic)

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