Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Two New PostSecret Books

Frank Warren started PostSecret as (just) an experimental project, a call for people to mail in postcards with a secret on it. Many more postcard secrets were received than expected.

Then, a website was created. You can view that site here. A new batch of postcards are posted each week; there are no archives.

Then a first book was published featuring some of the secrets. The title is “PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives”.

That first book "PostSecret" has now been published in the UK (same book, different cover art).

A traveling postcard exhibit has been going around the United States and is now in the United Kingdom.

To date, the website has had over 50 million visitors!

A second book was published in late October 2006 titled “My Secret”.

A third book titled “The Secret Lives of Men and Women” will be published in early January 2007. Amazon is taking pre-orders for that book now.

If this concept appeals to you or someone you know, buying one (or more) of these books for a Christmas or holiday gift is a great idea. Perhaps what appeals to you about PostSecret is the secrets, the content, the confessions, the concept of mail art, or perhaps it is something else.

In any event this week on PostSecret the creator states that he has tried to keep the website/blog ad-free. This week he pleas to buy the books or any other products from Amazon, through the Amazon link on his site. If you buy the books from the links on his site he says Amazon will donate 10% of the sales of everything you buy on Amazon to PostSecret.

(If you buy the books through links on my site I earn a much smaller commission.)

Note: the books are not suitable for children to view. These would make interesting conversation starters as a coffee table book. However, please don’t display them if you have children in the house. Some of the secrets involve crimes, rape, all types of child abuse. Also sometimes the secrets contain x-rated sexual content and/or may contain nudity.

In the past I blogged about PostSecret here and, with a sample, here.

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