Monday, November 13, 2006

Found a New Blog, Leads to More Thoughts on Being a Christian

Today I linked through last week’s Carnival of Homeschooling to a blog that I had never heard of before; it is called "A Dusty Frame”.

This is a blog of a homeschooling mother of one child whose husband is presently incarcerated. She is a Christian and blogs frequently about living with the struggle and working this out with God’s help. She blogs also of being a single parent homeschooler.

Something that really touched me was in the “about” section she tells that this is a newer blog and that she has had an active, different homeschooling blog for a longer period of time. She shares with us that the other blog is very nice and positive in tone, with snippets of family life and photos. She said that she doesn’t feel safe enough to share on that blog what the true situation is, that her husband is incarcerated, so she created this blog, "A Dusty Frame" where she says she can be more transparent and share her true thoughts even if they are not all happy and sweet. Hearing that broke my heart as I wish that all people could reveal their authentic selves and just be who they are (no matter what their religion, race, or gender is).

For the record I generally avoid reading blogs where they are sanitized and all happy and perfect looking as I know that is not real life. We all have our issues and our ups and downs. Reading those blogs actually sometimes makes me feel worse about myself as I compare myself to them and I usually feel that I come up short.

Imperfect Christians
One thing I struggled with not understanding is how some Christians can be so judgmental. That is one reason that I chose for so long to believe what my parents said, that there most likely was not a God, and that they didn’t want to mislead or brainwash me so they chose to raise me Godless.

I now do believe in God.

I still don’t get the other part, the part where the self-professed Christians can be so harsh and judge a person such as to only want to know this homeschool mom blogger if she presents to us a pretty perfect picture of what her life is. Constantly seeing some people who try to proclaim their perfection and to always talk of their Christian status not showing unconditional love is baffling to me.

I have had to come to grips with the fact that God is not the imperfect people who claim to be his followers, God is God and the mortal people are just mortal people. God may be within each person but all of the person’s actions and words are not all of God, they are choices that the mortal human makes. A person can choose to do things that God would agree with or they can choose to sin. A person has a choice between good and evil, not sinning or sinning.

Also now that I have been getting to know some Christians I see that although on the surface they appear to strive for perfection most readily admit they are not free of sin and that they are constantly striving toward something better. This is why even ministers and priests sin and some commit crimes and some are then caught.

The ‘holier than thou’ attitude thing that some Christians espouse kept me closed minded to the huge concept that a God existed for many, many years.

As to a Christian would would not reach out to a Christian homeschooling mother who is the wife of an incarcerated man I say that would not be a very Christian thing to do.

To those Christians who are back stabbers and gossipers, I think they must just not realize that some of what they do also qualifies as sinning or else they’d (hopefully) be working on reforming that part of themselves.

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