Sunday, November 19, 2006

Dr. Phil’s Negative Homeschooling Show to Air November 24, 2006

Thank you to Spunky who announced yesterday that Dr. Phil’s program “The Great School Debate” will air Friday November 24, 2006 (the day after Thanksgiving).

This was originally set to air in October but was postponed. The blogosphere and homeschooling discussion boards have been burning up with talk of what guests on the show report happened during the taping of the show. See Spunky Homeschool for some links to read some of this discussion.

Quote from the Dr. Phil website about this episode:
"Parents want the best for their kids, but what’s the best way to educate them? Dana and her husband don’t believe in tests or grades. Plus, RaeAnn calls schools unsafe, and wants to homeschool her kids."

Transcript of the video clip on upcoming show “The Great School Debate”.

Media reporter: “Hostage drama at a high school.”

Dr. Phil: “To school or not to school, the debate continues.”

Scary voice-over of narrator: “Parent’s who refuse to send their kids to school.”

Homeschooling Mother: “Schools are like prisons.”

Dr. Phil: “No assigned books. No tests. No grades. He doesn’t know school even exists.”

Homeschooling Mother: “If a child chooses to go to school then that is great.”

Dr. Phil: “Pssht. How can they choose it if they’ve never been exposed to it. They’re children!”

Dr. Phil: “Your kids don’t work against deadlines?”

Homeschooling mother: “They choose their own deadlines.”

Dr. Phil: “That’s not how the way works. I would be a vegetable if my parents said that to me.”

Here is a link to the Dr. Phil website discussion boards for this show. I believe you must register (free) in order to post.

I really want to do a retort blog entry and also link off of it to other blogs or websites who prepare retorts. I am busy with Thanksgiving prep and am recovering from an upper respiratory infection so now is not the best timing for me to work on this project. I will see what I can pull together. I originally wanted the retort to be published BEFORE the show airs so it will be available for viewing for any Dr. Phil viewers who seek information on the Internet right after the show airs.

Here is the link to my previous blog entry requesting people submit links to their rebuttal to the points made on this show.

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