Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Teaching Math Criticism Site: Mathematically Correct

A friend (aka Blogger account name 'the spouse') who homeschools one child and has one in public school who she ‘after-schools’ sent me this link to the Mathematically Correct website.

Here is the introduction to their site, so you can see if this is a site you are interested in reading.

"Mathematics achievement in America is far below what we would like it to be. Recent "reform" efforts only aggravate the problem. As a result, our children have less and less exposure to rigorous, content-rich mathematics .
The advocates of the new, fuzzy math have practiced their rhetoric well. They speak of higher-order thinking, conceptual understanding and solving problems, but they neglect the systematic mastery of the fundamental building blocks necessary for success in any of these areas. Their focus is on things like calculators, blocks, guesswork, and group activities and they shun things like algorithms and repeated practice. The new programs are shy on fundamentals and they also lack the mathematical depth and rigor that promotes greater achievement.
Concerned parents are in a state of dismay and have begun efforts to restore content, rigor, and genuinely high expectations to mathematics education. This site provides relevant background and information for parents, teachers, board members and the public from around the country. "

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