Thursday, March 23, 2006

Susan Wise Bauer to Speak at Conference This Weekend

I was reading Henry’s post over at Why Homeschool? in which he links to some of Susan Wise Bauer’s sites. I got to thinking about how her conference lecture tapes have been very helpful and inspirational to me. I purchased them used on a homeschool curriculum sale and swap board (at The Well Trained Mind website). Usually the price for new cassette tapes is $10 and used ones can be found for $3 or $4. (If you cannot attend a homeschooling conference for whatever reason, then buying recordings of lectures can be inspirational and helpful, and sometimes, less expensive than attending in person.) I love the fact that I can listen to the tapes over and over. Often I will listen to a lecture 2-3 times a year over a number of years. Each time I hear it, I seem to hear something I didn’t recall from past listenings.

I have never heard Susan Wise Bauer speak in person but would love to. In the past I have been unable to hear her when she spoke at two homeschooling conferences on the East Coast.

I checked to see if Bauer had any upcoming speaking engagements.

I was surprised to see she is speaking tomorrow and Saturday in Freeport, Maine, at a conference at Christian Classical School called “Maine Classical School”.

I got a wild idea to cancel the playdate my children have on Friday, and that I could go up there alone, to hear her speak. I have been to Freeport so many times (as it is on the way to my grandmother's house), that I could drive there with my eyes shut. I would leave my children at home with my husband as they have plans on Saturday that cannot be broken.

I realized that Bauer is speaking four times over the two days. I already own lecture tapes of two of these lectures. I decided the $100 fee for the conference plus the hotel room charge and the gas money was not worth my going. I would be better off locating more of Bauer’s lectures on cassette or CD and then I’d have them to listen to over and over. Another reason is that the conference is NOT a homeschooling conference and I’d not have a great vendor hall to browse. I’d also not have other homeschooling related sessions to attend.

Well it was a fun little fantasy while it lasted.

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Julia V. said...

Thank you for the comment on my post. And thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement! They made my day brighter! I am the "beginner" in homeschooling, and they tend to feel uncertain. Our girls are turning 5 and 2 soon. Am I panicking too early?
I will try to locate the other book by Gatto, and currently reading "Learning All the Time" :)
Also, loved your other blog!
I guess I'll be visiting soon. Have to figure out how to edit my links on my blogs. I already have such a list of new blogs that I enjoyed reading, yours including. For now my Bookmarks list is too long! All the blogs were saved there.
And you can add Russia and Czech to your Homeschooling Geography Lesson post! Even though we are residing in NJ at the moment, my heart is across the ocean!