Sunday, January 01, 2006

Kids Finishing a Week of Play

Well a week of nothing but free play is coming to an end for my children. The days after Christmas were basically devoid of academics. I didn’t ask my children to read daily or anything! My kids spent the week playing with their toys.

We did a couple of errands to return toys which were defective and non-functioning right out of the box.

I babysat for a nine year-old homeschooled boy for 29 hours which obviously included him sleeping over here. That was our first successful sleep over. On another day another boy who we know through Cub Scouts came over for a half day for a playdate. Later in the week he returned for the afternoon and to attempt a sleep over. That was aborted at about 10 p.m. One great thing happened: this friend gave peer pressure to my older son to begin eating the ends of his hot dog (rather than having them cut off). My son tried it and he liked it. Thank goodness one weird and silly thing he did is now done and over with. I was just going to write that one childish thing is done and he is one step further on the path to maturity but then I realized many adults have quirks. Quirks are not necessarily equated with age!

Due to a snow and ice storm our plans for New Years Eve were changed. The kids wanted to stay up and watch the ball drop on television, at Times Square. They played all night and we didn’t ‘party’. At 11:50 p.m. we put on live TV and watched the ball drop. Then neighbors began lighting off huge fireworks and we watched them out of the window, they were visable through the bare tree branches. It was interesting and different to see fireworks exploding over a ground covered in a fresh blanket of snow. Usually fireworks occur at a time of heat, humidity, lush summer vegetation and an air thick with mosquitoes and gnats.

Today I am finishing the laundry marathon. We will visit my parents and grandmother (in town A), and then will visit my in-law’s (in town B). My husband is making dinner at my in-law’s house. When we get home I will pack as the kids and I are going up north to visit my grandmother for a week. My husband and the cat are staying home. So if I don’t blog this week it is because I am without internet access. I may or may not be able to access the internet at The Library That Time Forgot (with a very slow dial up connection and computers limited to 15 minute sessions).

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