Friday, December 09, 2005

More Cleaning from Barf Work

Dealing with sickness just throws a monkey wrench into the schedule and routine, doesn’t it?

What seemed like a normal evening in our home the other night, took a turn for the worse when my younger son vomited all over the hallway rug. I assumed we were in for a night of vomiting as my older son experienced over a week ago. I quickly counted back and there were nine days in between which is a long incubation period. So either this virus has a real nine day incubation period or this son caught this from someone other than his brother.

We took the dirty clothes off my son and I put the dirty clothes into the washer. I launched into washing the hallway rug by hand, without much success. My husband calmed our son down and put him in the shower to clean off. Then I prepared ‘barf bins’ and gave instruction to take it with him whenever he walked. As usual he thought he knew better than me, and the next thing we knew, there was barf everywhere, again. It was on my comforter, on my bedroom rug, and another 6 foot by 12 foot splash all over the hardwood floor.

My husband stripped my son and put him back in the shower as his bare feet were covered. My husband used a rag to pick up chunks of food on the hardwood floor while I prepared mop water and then mopped the floor. I washed the bedroom rug by hand (without much success). The bedroom reeked of bile and vomit!

I set up the bed with a lot of towels all over everything in case he vomited in the night and was unable to get to the ‘barf bin’ on time. I slept in the big bed with him.

My husband complained about not liking cleaning up the barf. Well, I don’t like it either but someone has to do it.

My husband and I then felt stomach sick and we were both worried that the three of us would all be sick on the same night, having caught it from our oldest son.

Luckily, he did not get sick again. By noon the next day he was begging for solid food. He has been fine ever since. I am grateful for that.

Both my husband and I did not vomit and we woke up feeling fine. Again, more gratitude.

I then spent the next day doing laundry. The bedroom smelled so bad and I was afraid it was on some other linens. I stripped the bed and washed everything which included a quilt and two different comforters plus the sheets and mattress pad. I washed all the rags and clothes with vomit on them. The washer and dryer were going all day!

In the evening when my husband was home he used our carpet cleaner to wash the rugs. That is a big project. I am so happy he did that instead of me. He said the hallway was hard to do due to the nap of the rug, and it seems the vacuum cleaner was not sucking the dirty water up like it should have been.

This morning the rug in the hallway still reeks. This travels down the staircase and lingers in the foyer. What a wonderful smell to greet visitors with as they enter our front door!

I guess now I am going to have to get one of the powerful chemical cleaners out of my cabinet, and scrub it by hand. Even if it is not ‘clean’ it will be so saturated with artificial fragrance chemicals that the vomit smell may be masked. The nap in this hallway rug is difficult to clean by hand.

As you can imagine, all of this threw a monkey wrench into the schedule. We didn’t do any homeschooling yesterday as a result. Today we woke up to a snowstorm. Public school was cancelled. However out of guilt for having not done anything yesterday, we ‘did school’ today. We plan to go sledding this afternoon with neighbors.

I don’t like to post details of my husband’s job search on my blog. But I can’t contain myself: I have to share he had a great interview today for a new position which he feels his is very qualified to do. I was worried about him traveling in the middle of the snowstorm in order to go do the interview, but he made it just fine. Wish us luck!

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