Friday, November 04, 2005

Tip for eBay Booksellers About Shipping

Offer shipping via media mail. Don’t use expensive Priority Mail as the default method. The amount that I bid for an eBay auction depends on the shipping. I place a value on the book including shipping, for example, I can afford or am willing to spend $10 on a book. If the seller is going to ship with media mail ($1.82) then I will bid $10, giving $8.18 to the seller for the item. If the seller is going to use Priority Mail and is billing me $4 for shipping, I will only bid $10 therefore the seller will take $6 as the price the item sells for.

I am irked as today I see some books on eBay which I have not been able to buy in stores or on the internet for a decent discount price. The seller has three books and I want them all. We are negotiating if she is willing to combine shipping. Why should I pay approximately $4 to ship each (lightweight) book via Priority Mail in three different boxes? It makes no sense. I won’t bid on the items unless she agrees to combine shipping, as I can’t afford and don’t want to waste money in that way, for shipping.

EBay sellers should know about these tips. It is not hard to throw three books into one box, as a matter of fact, it is easier than throwing three books into three different boxes and shipping all three to the same address!

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