Sunday, November 20, 2005

Ebay Clothing Sale Failed

For eight years I have given away my children's used clothing to others. I see lots of people reselling clothing on eBay or through consignment shops.

I hardly get any hand me downs. In eight years I have received about 40 clothing items total.

I had offered my sons Land's End down jacket to a relative and she rejected it. It is in great shape and I paid $69.50 for it. I figured this would be a perfect thing to resell on eBay. Well it didn't sell. I put the minimum price to bid at $30.00, which is 55% of the full retail cost. Mind you, this was partly done because of the high fees that eBay has for listing the auction as well as the high fees they charge, the percentage of the cost that it sells for. Frankly I think that $30 for a guaranteed-for-life, used one season, down jacket in excellent condition is a very good price. Someone missed out on a bargain.

I am disappointed that it didn't sell. I am also out $1.75 in eBay fees. Sigh. I also wasted time in listing the auction, checking on it, and just now wasted 10 minutes trying to pay eBay for the listing fee.

I guess I will go back to giving all the clothes away for free.

I thought perhaps due to our tight financial state of affairs, that reselling the gently used clothing was a way to help make ends meet. I guess not.

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