Sunday, April 03, 2005

Going to try having Sunday as a Sabbath Day

As I write this on a Sunday night, I am exhausted! I am not feeling rested at all. Aren't people supposed to feel refreshed and rested by Sunday night?

Between homeschooling and volunteering and mothering and being a wife I am just worn out. When one’s children are homeschooled, the rhythm of the family life is a bit more like walking on a treadmill without stopping. One day turns into the next and the next. We make our own schedule but with the seemingly endless “to do” list, it is easy to never give myself a break! The more things we do at home (i.e. an art project) the more mess there is to clean up, the more artwork to find a place to store, etc. The more we use the house and eat in the house, the more it needs to be cleaned and maintained. Unlike other stay-at-home mothers, I have no relief when the school bus makes it way to our street. I have no “time off”. The nights I leave the house alone are usually to attend homeschool support group functions, or for a mom’s night out with friends (averages out to once every two months).

I first heard the idea on the Oprah show, when a man, I believe it was Stephen Covey, said that he connects with his family by spending the entire Sunday with his family, having fun and relaxing at home. I was reading in a book about homeschooling, how one family has a Sabbath Day on Sundays. Then at our last Charlotte Mason Study/Support Group meeting we discussed the idea and I found out that some families I know are already doing their own form of a Sabbath Sunday. Today after having a very rushed day of running from church/Sunday School to a child’s birthday party, I declared that effective next week, we are starting this tradition.

So starting next week our Sunday will consist of my husband attending his church, me attending my church, my children attending Sunday School, and not much else. We will spend each Sunday at home with our family. An exception may be made if we do something such as take a hike together. Things that definitely will not be done are to do errands, or attend sports events or practices or non-family celebrations. I think we will do just fine by limiting our errands to Monday-Saturday.

One reason I am doing this is so that I can know that one day per week is for relaxing. If I choose to spend it reading, playing games, gardening, or even posting blog entries, that is fine. I plan to spend fun time with my children, not nagging them about household chores and we will not be doing homeschooling lessons on Sundays either.

We will see how this goes!

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Rebecca said...

I started doing just this a few years ago. I read Dr. Laura's book about the 10 commandments, and keeping the Sabbath holy realy hit home for some reason. It's realy great for our family, and now I even feel guilty if I have to go to the grocery store on Sunday! Try it for a full month before you give up on it, and let all of us know how it goes!